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My sweet friend Sara Tobin, a talented singer, commissioned me to do her new album cover!! I will also be doing the back cover eventually.
AAaaa we’re both really happy with how it came out!
You can check out her awesome music here!

Yeah volunteering at an art center yeah!!

scott pilgrim comic
Scott Pilgrim?
Oooh you should do Scott Pilgrim

i guess there was no way this could be avoided
(my apologies to brian o’malley)

Adventure Time!
EEEEEEE my dog wouldn’t be magical he would just follow me around on his nubby legs and do nothing and then id say boy dog you sure are useless and he’d wag his tail at me and continue following me around on his nubby legs doing nothing

do you ever think about what happened in the doomed timelines

im pretty sure my whole life was leading up to this picture
hi res

I was going to go to bed but suddenly I FOUND THIS

i guess this is g00dbye

i dont want to look at this anymore so 

I am just opening commissions now that I am spending more money than I seem to have haha„. And making my own money might show my parents that I have potential.

I can do OC’s, or fanart! Pairings of any kind are fine too! Additional character prices is +5 and NSFW is iffy, it depends on what you want. If you think the price is too high, we can discuss!

Message me if you’re interested, and tell me what you want! And I’ll give you my email for payment through paypal.

im rereading homestuck and i totally forgot this babe plays the violin!!

dress up

Don’t worry, baby.
Mama’s home. 

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